I’ve been using email for about 22 years. It’s crazy to write that number down because it makes me feel old but there it is.

Email has improved in five key ways over the last 22 years, namely:

1. webmail

2. portable mail

3. push/instant

4. threading/conversations

5. search

Yet, it’s still a…



The Evolution Of Consumer Internet

Over the history of the internet we have seen new distribution and user acquisition channels emerge. With each new channel comes a storm of change in the consumer internet eco-system. Each storm, while it may seem chaotic, follows a similar pattern and cycle….

"Achieving life is not the equivalent of avoiding death. Joy is not ‘the absence of pain,’ intelligence is not ‘the absence of stupidity,’ light is not ‘the absence of darkness,’ an entity is not ‘the absence of a nonentity.’ Building is not done by abstaining from demolition; centuries of sitting and waiting in such abstinence will not raise one single girder for you to abstain from demolishing… . Existence is not a negation of negatives."

Anne Rand

Kilian Martin: A Skate Regeneration (by Bragic)


Drupal vs Joomla: Real-World Comparison Between Two CMS Heavyweights


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